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Product Details:

VSLS-G series centrifugal solid-liquid separators (hereinafter referred to as solid-liquid separators) are used for separating precipitated particles under centrifugal force produced in liquid rotation, and widely applied in the solid-liquid separation field. The separation efficiency of VSLS-G solid-liquid separators depends on the particle density and liquid viscosity. When the specific gravity of particles is large and the viscosity is low, better separation effects can be achieved. For particles larger than 40um, the separation efficiency is up to 98%. Solid impurities with the smallest size of 5um can be separated with VSLS-G solid-liquid separators. No moving part is used in separation. Cleaning or replacement of filter elements is not required. VSLS-G solid-liquid separators can be used throughout the year without maintenance. Due to efficient and stable performance and low operating costs, VSLS-G solid-liquid separators are the best choice of solid-liquid separation.

With the multi-stage combination, the separation efficient is greatly improved. VSLS-G solid-liquid separators are also excellent pre-separation devices. Better overall filtration effects can be achieved by low-cost and high-performance pretreatment and use of precision filters such as self-cleaning filters, bag filters, cartridge filters, iron removers, etc., reducing the filter material consumption and emissions.


Applicable Industry and Fluid
■ Applicable industry: water treatment, paper making, petrochemical, metal processing, biochemical medicine, etc.

■ Applicable liquid: raw water (river water, seawater, reservoir water and groundwater), sewage treatment, circulating water, machining coolant, cleaning agent, etc.

Main separation effects: removal of large particles, pre-filtration, fluid purification, protection of key parts, etc.

Separation type: liquid rotating type centrifugal separation and automatic continuous online operation.


Main Technical Parameters
Inlet/outlet pipe size: DN25-800
Individual flow (m3/h): 1-5,000
Casing material: 304, 316L
Applicable viscosity (cp): 1-40
Applicable temperature (℃): 250
Design pressure (MPa): 1.0
Pressure loss (MPa): 0.02-0.07


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