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The enterprise culture

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Enterprise vision

Become a global conglomerate.

Corporate mission

To become a national enterprise as respected by Chinese people as Huawei, only a national enterprise can be a global one.

Core Values

The company's core values are the core beliefs rooted in our hearts. They are the internal driving force for the sustainable development of VICH and our common commitment to the future. They ensure that we will firmly provide effective products and services to our customers and realize the vision and mission of the company.

Sincere and trustworthy

Only by being open and sincere can you keep your word and keep your promise.Honesty is our most important intangible asset. We insist on winning customers with honesty.

Harmony and win-win

Vitch adheres to customer-centric, customer-demand-oriented, and continues to create long-term value with customers, so as to achieve win-win and common development with customers.

Pragmatic innovation

In order to better meet the needs of our customers, we are proactive, hard-working and detour oriented. We insist on continuous innovation and development, constantly lead and adapt to the market demand, and provide effective products, services and process filtration solutions.

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