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Filter element filtration has a higher purification effect on items

Filter element filtration has a higher purification effect on items

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The wire-wound filter element filter is refined by finely winding textile fiber yarns with good filtering performance on a porous skeleton. Its yarn materials include polypropylene fiber, acrylic fiber, absorbent cotton fiber and so on. By controlling the tightness and dilute density of the yarn during winding, filter elements with different precisions can be made, which can effectively remove suspended solids, particle impurities, etc. of various liquids, and have a high purification effect on various liquids.

The high-flow wire-wound filter element includes a porous frame and a winding wire. The winding wire of the product is precisely wound on the porous frame of the product in a way that the filter pore size is larger and smaller. The two ends of the porous frame of the product are also equipped with top covers and The bottom cover, the porous frame of the product is a stainless steel frame, and the winding wire is a polypropylene wire. When filtering, the liquid flows from the large flow wire around the through hole on the top cover of the filter element to the inside of the filter element, and the flow direction of the liquid to be filtered from the inside to the outside ensures all impurities It is trapped inside the filter element, and it can also flow in and out in the reverse direction according to the design requirements of the filter. The large flow wire wound filter element has large processing flow, convenient replacement and good sealing performance, which can effectively purify the particulate impurities in the liquid, and at the same time can reduce the number of filter elements used and reduce the cost.

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