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Water treatment

Water treatment

Application scope: filter sand, algae and other sludge in raw water such as lake water, groundwater, sea water, and reservoir water; as a pre-filter for membrane separation system; filter air conditioning system and compressor circulating cooling water and chilled water; capture ion exchange Resin, the treatment of circulating cooling water in the process of ironmaking, coking, steelmaking, steel rolling, casting, etc. in the iron and steel industry to protect nozzles and crystallizers; reuse of reclaimed water, etc.

Benefits: Removal of pollutant particles to stabilize water quality and meet standards; save the use of anti-resistors, rust inhibitors and other chemicals; improve heat exchange efficiency; reduce waste water treatment costs; energy saving and emission reduction; extend membrane tube life and recoil time; remove particles Impurities, prevent blockage, wear and scaling of pipelines, heat exchangers, valves, etc., and reduce the amount of chemical agents.

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