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food and drink

food and drink

Application scope: decolorization filtration, clarification filtration, filtration and separation of crystals, etc.; interception of filter aids such as activated carbon, diatomaceous earth, activated clay, perlite, zeolite, etc.; filtration of fermentation broth; pretreatment of the front end of membrane filtration; filtration of mixed oil and wool Polishing and filtration of oil and refined oil; security filtration before filling; filtration of various food production water and washing water; filtration of starch, syrup, protein, corn steep liquor, and culture medium; removal of impurities generated in the blending process; filtration of beverages Suspended solids and sediments; filter chocolate, beer, jelly, etc.

Benefits: improve product clarity, purity and other quality indicators; remove particles; improve the taste of finished products; increase filtration rate; protect key equipment.

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